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I have photographed the West Australian landscape for over 20 years and have a great love for this vast, colourful, ancient land. From the stunning coastline and forests of the southwest to the intense colours and ancient formations of the north. It has been my privilege to explore and capture its beauty while sharing what I see with the world through my prints.

As an award-winning photographer, I discovered my passion for photography at age 19, while studying graphic design. It was while developing my first prints in a dark room and watching them come to life that photography captured my imagination. The impact was immediate and changed my life forever. I have now been a practising professional photographer for over 30 years.

I grew up exploring nature and surrounded by creative people; one of those was my grandfather, who painted the landscape. He was a significant influence on my early years teaching me to paint and see the world through an artists eyes. From him, I learned how to craft an image, understand light and its influence on how the scene feels. Unfortunately, I was never any good as a painter, but that schooling helped shape my creative journey.

As my love of photography grew, a desire to capture the landscape emerged with it. Enhancing that desire was discovering the work of Ansel Adams, I lost many hours in book shops feasting on his imagery.

I spent the next decade establishing myself as a freelance photographer, shooting for tourism, fashion, food and cuisine, and moving to Western Australia, where I began to shoot weddings.
The dream of capturing the landscape had never been far away, and in 1998 thanks to the support of my beautiful wife, I turned my focus to developing as a landscape photographer.

Packing up and heading out for long weekends and holidays with my young family in tow, this was a time of great exploration filled with moments I will never forget. Seeing the wonders of nature capture the imagination of your children is priceless. 

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